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Mobile Gurus (branding). They provides incredible mobile services to startups and small businesses. Whether you are looking to convince investors with a quick prototype, or looking for a full-time development partner; their vast experience and personal approach will help you settle comfortably in today's mobile world. They present themselves as mobile gurus; spreading their knowledge about mobile development. They mainly provide full mobile services to startups (development, hosting, design, etc). As I've really liked his company name, then I tried to focus on it in a literal way. So, it was as simple as work on their main characteristics (wise guru, turban, moustache, mobile) to create a "funny" icon (Iso). I've worked closely with his founder Jan Willem de Birk. We have tried to use earth tones (orange) to associate this with the "Indian" gurus, in combination with an elegant grey. Of course, always keeping it modern and technologic, because the company sector is "softwares". Freelancer:

Winner Zupi Awards 2015. Category: DESIGN • Logos / Trademark / Symbols.
Logo creativity & web design • Mobile Gurus.
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